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Lysa Thatcher was the undisputed queen of young girls in porn during the late 70's and early 80's. With a pretty blonde face and a body that didn't look a day past high school age, Lysa Thatcher was a vision of innocent sexual curiousity. She was a good actress as well, and landed the majority of the major College Bunny type roles of the day. She could be pliable and compliant, letting her older partners guide her toward ecstasy. And once the clothes came off, Lysa Thatcher really turned up the erotic heat, giving the lie to her youthful appearance with her wild sexual talents.

Lysa Thatcher starred in scores of films with titles like 'Coed Fever,' 'High School Memories,' and 'Budding Blondes,' films whose titles give away exactly what kind of roles Lysa Thatcher was getting. One of her best performances comes in 1981's 'Neon Nights,' a true classic of the genre. Lysa Thatcher plays a young girl with a rich and vivid fantasy life who has a disappointing affair with her mother's boyfriend. Lysa Thatcher plays the part with skill and the audience gets a real sense of the curious yet frustrated young woman as she travels in search of real love. Lysa Thatcher left the business in the early 80's, but never outgrew the youthful beauty that was the basis of so much of her appeal.


Birth Location : California, USA
Hair Color : Blond
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Known Alias : Lanky Flatcher, Sandy West, Lisa Adams

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